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RadOMA Spectroradiometer and Integrating Sphere for LED Testing

RadOMA Spectroradiometer and 50 cm Integrating Sphere demonstration from The Strategies in Light Conference. The system is configured for LED testing and is measuring luminous intensity and flux.

Complete LED Testing Solutions from Gamma Scientific

A presentation of complete LED testing solutions from Gamma Scientific that was shown at Strategies in Light 2012. Products include spectroradiometers, spectrometers, integrating spheres, turn-key led binning and sorting instruments and a bi-spectral fluorescence spectroradiometer.

SSL Calibration and Testing Services from Gamma Scientific

A presentation of complete LED calibration and testing services available from Gamma Scientific. Featuring a NVLAP accredited laboratory, including LM-79 ? SSL Luminaires ? Total Flux and SSL-Luminous Intensity and NIST traceable standards.

Gamma Scientific Custom LED Test System Design

MMS High Speed LED Tester | Gamma Scientific | MMS

High-speed LED Tester and Sorter

Display Test System | Gamma Scientific | GS-940-7X Robotic Goniometer

GS-940-7X Robotic Display Test Goniometer

933 Goniometer System | RoadVista | model 933 Retroreflectance Workstation

model 933 Retroreflectance Workstation

Laserlux Mobile Retroreflectometer | RoadVista | Laserlux Mobile Retroreflectometer

High speed retroreflectivity measurements of pavement markings.

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